Brand Identity Design - Art Direction - Packaging - Marketing Strategy

The Client:
Arley is a Sydney based boutique jewellery label about timeless, beautiful and inspired personal expression: High-quality fine Jewellery to be worn singularly as minimal simplicity, or as multiples in layered adornment.


To conceive the brand's new name and create a bespoke identity and packaging design to reflect Arley's refined yet modern style; with a focus on quality craftsmanship, intentional design and timeless beauty.


The Solution:
Brand Naming
We began by understanding Arley's core values and brand character. We listened to Vanessa's concerns and reasons why she wanted to re-brand her jewellery label and assessed the market, ideal customer and competitors. The winning name we created, Arley, was derived from a personal place for the client and had the right bones to build a premium brand name in the jewellery/fashion market and also importantly, the flexibility to move beyond that sector in the future.

Brand Identity Design
We worked with Vanessa to truly understand the values and qualities Arley jewellery sought to exude, through our meetings and an in-depth client/brand questionnaire. We then presented a mood board as the basis for our art direction going forward. Building on that, we provided initial concepts incorporating inspiration brought to the table by the client - which completely lined up with their ideal customer's values. Upon finalising the winning logo concept, a well-known brand started to create custom monograms that were uncannily similar to our design. That led us to revisit the drawing board and re-work the concept to take a slightly different form. What emerged felt even more robust than the original and fitted the brand requirements perfectly.


We created the new brand name, logo, monogram, business cards, with comps cards, jewellery box design, jewellery pouch, and social and web graphics for launch.


Brand Descriptors:
Beautiful / Quality / Timeless / Classic / Intentional / Fine / Inspired / Boutique


Campaign photography by Juli Balla.

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