Forest Carbon
Responsive Web Design - Strategy - UX - Design - Content

Forest Carbon is a sustainability-focused technical and project development company. They provide services for carbon forestry projects in tropical rainforest countries.

They believe that economic growth and sustainability can go hand-in-hand and that there is a viable business model in sustainability as a product. Forest Carbon believes that innovation and investment in market-driven forest conservation will ultimately drive economic growth rather than inhibit it.

We reviewed Forest Carbon's goals for their website and created a UX and content strategy to communicate their unique business model in a meaningful and visually engaging way. We conveyed Forest Carbon's values and mission with professionalism and organised projects and services in an easily accessible manner while possessing the capability to grow for future projects. Alongside the Webdesign work, we were thrilled to produce a cohesive set of brand templates, with corporate colours and style guide to ensure consistency across their brand.

Client feedback:
- Gabriel Eickhoff
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