GRACE Magazine
Art Direction - Editorial Design - Digital & Print Magazine

The Grace Tales keeps mamas around the globe inspired, entertained and connected. Founded by Georgie Abay, an ex-colleague at Vogue Magazine, it began as an inspiring website for modern motherhood, featuring beautiful photography and producing intimate stories with celebrity mothers. It has cultivated a thriving global community of supportive women both online and through their live events. The brand has evolved to include Grace Talks Events, the Grace Collective, Grace Magazine, and Grace Mothers book.

I was honoured to art direct and design each issue of Grace Magazine from its original digital online format to their first print edition in 2019. Tasks included creating the style of the magazine, selecting fonts, taking the stories from concept to finals. Also liaising with editors, designers, managing workflow and production. We find the team and content ever inspiring and we are proud to be a part of a positive publication.

Photography by Julie Adams, Kara Hynes and Lauren Michelle.

Client feedback:
- Georgie Abay - Founder
The Grace Tales
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