Lestari Capital
Website Strategy - UX - Art direction - Design - Development.

Lestari capital is a unique environmental finance enterprise that addresses the critical lack of finance for ecosystem conservation and restoration. They connect responsible market-linked investment in the global marketplace, forging systemic links between markets and conservation outcomes on the ground, and building new mechanisms to finance and grow the community of projects working to protect our global commons.

We worked closely with the team to create a custom website with strategic UX features and bold visuals. The design conveyed the sophisticated offerings of the company with professionalism, clarity and heart while featuring the company’s projects and reports in an easily accessible way. We aimed to present Lestari Capital as a qualified and trustworthy enterprise in the environmental finance sector.

In addition to the website, we had the pleasure of designing the logo and brand style guide (with corporate colours and fonts) — also, document templates plus other collateral items for the company.

Client feedback:
- Devan Wardwell
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